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About Us

Trust the Nichols Construction team to work closely with you to execute the projects you envision —structures of surpassing quality that are built to your timelines and are aligned with your financial objectives. We honor the highest ethical principles. We adhere to the strictest standards—creating structures that surpass every quality test while focusing on serving the people who will use them.

Our passion for customer service is extraordinary. In our many years of serving companies of all sizes we’ve learned how critical it is for a construction team to have a sense of ownership in everything it does. At Nichols, we all share the passion of the entrepreneurial spirit. Each team member wears many hats— and each is fully invested in every aspect of a project. We combine, and thus expand, the knowledge and expertise with which we approach every project.

Our commitment is to be your true partner. To always provide the highestquality solutions, completed according to realistic timelines and using the most environmentally sound approaches available. To build projects that make us—and you— proud.